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Free mod menus for GTA 5 are your gateway into the ever growing GTA Modding Community, these menus will fulfill all your basic needs and some of the menus listed above will also provide you with the most demanded recovery section, trolling options, vehicle options, spawn options and you can even get yourself bodyguards in game with some of the menus listed above.

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Usually Asked Questions

It is normal to have doubts at the beginning of the journey. Don’t worry we are here for you

Are all the mod menu on our site safe ?

Yes, all the mod menus that we add to are safe to use and undetected, all options of every menu we list here goes through intense testing before it is released to the users but remember as soon as GTA updates all menus on site will be offline until we have updated each one of them and released the new versions.

Can i get banned for using a mod menu in GTA 5 ?

No, you will not get banned for using a mod menu as long as you are in story mode, as soon as you use a mod menu in GTA online then you should make sure you are using a safe and undetected mod, our mod menus have report protection that prevents from other players to report you for modding in game to ensure user safety in both story mode and GTA online.

Is it legal to mod in GTA 5 ?

Yes it is legal as long as you are modding in offline mode, Using a mod menu in GTA 5 is always risky because Rockstar games does not allow the players to mod the game in online mode.

Can I use the mod menu in GTA online ?

Yes, All the mod menus that we offer on our website can be used both in GTA Online and Offline except Menyoo, Its offline only.

Why do i have to turn off anti virus while using the mods ?

When a mod menu is injected in game it is modifying the game files, as the name suggestes modding, for doing that smoothly it is required for the users to turn off there anti virus.